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Guatemala has a diverse history, and together with the natural beauty of the land, this has created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites.
Guatemala has borders to Mexico in the north/northeast, to Belize in the northwest, to Honduras in the southeast and to El Salvador in the south. It also has a Pacific coastline to the southwest and a tiny piece of Caribbean coastline to the east. Guatemala has a total area of 108,890 sq. km. and a population of 13 mill.

has a variety of landscapes. Two-thirds is mountainous with the impressive Western Highlands rising to over 3,000 meters. They are dotted with volcanoes and high mountain lakes; the most spectacular is Lake Atitlan. A narrow lowland plain stretches up the Pacific coast. In the north-west, lies the low tableland of El Peten, much of which is covered with tropical rain forest. It is in El Peten that Guatemala's best Mayan ruins can be found, with new sites being uncovered on a regular basis. The short stretch of Caribbean coastline to the east is bordered by flatlands.
Guatemala has a rich and distinctive culture from the long mix of elements from Spain and the native Maya people. This diverse history and the natural beauty of the land has created a destination rich in interesting and scenic sites, and are the main reasons why tourists go to Guatemala.

The capital of Guatemala is Guatemala City, built on the 2,000 year old ruins of the Mayan city of Kaminaljuyú. Guatemala City is the most modern and cosmopolitan city in Central America, it has a wonderful blend of old and new and possesses a distinct Latin American charm. Today Guatemala City has two million inhabitants. The city has two distinctive areas: the Old City, the true Guatemala with its antique buildings and where life is quick and pushing; and the New City with restaurants, bars and clubs offering a wide variety of possibilities to night goers, in this area you will also find museums and the historical sights.

The months of March and April are very hot, especially in the low lying areas such as the pacific coastal plain. Rainy season is May to November, where it becomes difficult to travel in more remote areas, especially in the north.

Guatemala's main airport, La Aurora International Airport (GUA), is near Guatemala City. International flights arrive from other Central American countries and North America. Guatemala's secondary airport is situated in Flores, Petén. This small airport receives flights from a small number of destinations including Belize, Mexico City and Guatemala City.



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