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Golf in Florida

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful and challenging golf courses in the world. There are more than twelve hundred accessible and affordable golf courses.

The many accessible and affordable golf courses in Florida, attracts over two million golf players every year. It is not only the warm weather and the beautiful golf courses that attracts golfers from around the world, it is also all the other things you can do when not playing golf, like going to the beach or visiting some of the famous theme parks, making a golf holiday to Florida enjoyable for the whole family, also the kids.

Most of the golf courses in Florida are private member only, but many offer reciprocity with other clubs and open their facilities for public play during the off season months (May-October). Quite a few are also affiliated with major hotels and travel agencies so guests can play. Golf courses are found throughout Florida, and they are all open year-round.

Florida is home to the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, PGA of America, and more professional golfers come to Florida than any other state. If you want the see some of the world's best golfers playing, Florida is the place to be. The Tournament Players Club is at Sawgrass; the PGA National is at Palm Beach Gardens and the LPGA International is at Daytona Beach.

If you want to go to Florida for a golfing holiday in the high season (the winter months), make sure to make some planning before you go. To stay at a hotel that is affiliated with one or more golf clubs is one way of making sure you get to play some golf on your holiday; another way is to go on a golf package holiday where tee-times are arranged for you in advance.

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