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Known as "The Sunshine State", the beaches are one of the most popular attractions in Florida, along with some of the world's best known theme parks.
One could ask why Florida is included on a website called Latin American Holidays. There are two reasons: In historical terms, Latin America could be defined as all those parts of the Americas that were once part of the Spanish, Portuguese or French Empires, or speaks a language originating from Latin. Under this definition Florida would be included in Latin America. The other, and equally important, reason is that Florida is one of the world's great holiday destinations.

Florida is the most south-eastern state in the USA. Known as "The Sunshine State", it became a popular winter destination for the well-to-do from colder climates over a century ago, and has gained ever greater popularity since. Many, especially older people, known as "snowbirds", escapes to Florida from the colder Northern US winters each year; but also an increasing amount of people from Europe visit Florida.


The beaches are one of the most popular attractions in Florida, along with some of the world's best known theme parks, including Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Florida has nearly 660 km. (400 miles) of shoreline with sandy beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and over 1,000 km. (600 miles) of sandy beaches bordering the Gulf of Mexico.

The southern tip of Florida mostly consists of tropical jungle and swamplands. Everglades National Park covers nearly the entire tip of the peninsula southward from Miami and Naples. It contains wet grasslands punctuated by islands of tropical forest and stretches of open waters. The vast wetland has a lot of wildlife including alligators and many interesting wild birds.

A 160 km. (100 miles) long archipelago of islands known as the Florida Keys stretches southwestward from the tip of the peninsula into the Gulf of Mexico. A 150 km (90 miles) long series of bridges and causeways connect these islands down to the town Key West on its southern tip. The only North American tropical reef lies just a few kilometers off shore, a paradise for scuba divers and those interested in fishing.

Florida is blessed with a very hospitable semi-tropical climate that offers hot rainy summers, mild winters and near ideal spring and autumn temperatures. It is, however, subject to the threat of tropical storms and hurricanes during the late summer and the autumn. The Florida Keys, being completely surrounded by water, have a tropical climate with lesser variability in temperatures. At Key West, temperatures rarely exceeds 32C (90F) in the summer or autumn or fall below 16C (60F) in the winter.


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