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Florida Attractions

Florida is well known for its warm weather, beaches, manned space launches, theme parks and alligators; Florida has a lot to offer.

As a large state the various regions of Florida has a wide difference in terms of climate, topography and wildlife. On some more brisk winterdays you may for instance see snow in the most northern parts, while to the far south people may on the same day be basking in the warmth of another beautiful day of island life in the Florida Keys. Similarly the activities and attractions of Southern Florida mostly involve outdoor and water themes and those of central and north Florida will be indoors or seasonal.

The Florida Beaches
are among the finest in the world. In total there are some 1,900 kilometers (1,200 miles) of beaches offering sun worshipers many types of beach experiences. No matter where you are in Florida, there is a beach just a short drive away.

The waters along Florida beaches are generally warm compared to the rest of the US. Surf tends to be higher on the Atlantic coast, with relatively little surf on the Gulf coast. Also the water temperature is warmer on the Gulf coast throughout the year. If you like snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing the Florida Keys would be a good place to go. One can have a wonderful day out in the various coral islands there.

If you get tired of the beaches,
The Everglades National Park is most certainly worth a visit. The area in itself is very interesting, with marshlands, swamps, mangrove and rainforest at places. Also one gets the chance of seeing some of the indigenous wildlife of Florida, from alligators to pelicans and eagles, maybe even manatees - the wildlife is diverse. One can also avail on an airboat ride across the marshlands.

Another of the big attractions of Florida are the theme parks such as Disney World, Disney-MGM studios, Epcot, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World and many other, maybe lesser known, theme parks. These parks are a perfect place to entertain the kids as well as the adults. You could also go to the Kennedy Space Center and see the new International Space Station Center and the Apollo/Saturn Center, where guests re-live America's race to the moon through dramatic multi-media shows, and you can climb aboard a Space Shuttle replica.

Well-developed tourist infrastructure in all parts of Florida will let you stay at great hotels and resorts near all major attractions.

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