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Cuba is the largest and most populous island in the Caribbean; it has more than 300 natural beaches of fine white sand and turquoise waters.

Cuba is located 145 kilometers (90 miles) south of Key West, Florida, and comprises of Cuba Island, The Youth Island and around 4,200 islets and cays. The total land area is 110,860 square kilometers (44,200 sq. mi.), the coast line is 3,735 kilometers (2,330 miles) and Cuba has a population of a little over 11 million, of which a quarter lives in and around the capital, Havana. 


On the whole the country is flat, only about 25% is covered by mountain chains, especially in the east and the west, reaching an altitude of 2,000 meters (6,500 ft.). Many coastal regions in Cuba are marshy and covered by dense mangrove forest.

The country is mostly known for Fidel Castro, who seized power in the 1959 revolution, its music and rum and in particular, its cigars. Before the revolution Cuba was a popular holiday destination for US citizens.

Since the early 1990s it has again become a holiday destination, but mostly for European and Canadian tourists. Cuba is a vibrant island with resorts and beaches. Cuba has more than 300 natural beaches of fine white sand and turquoise waters. The most famous of these is Varadero with its variety of resort hotels. There are other beaches to the east of the capital city in Holguin and Cayo Largo del Sur, as well as in the northern cays of Ciergo de Ávila and Villa Clara.

Without any doubt Havana, the capital of Cuba, is the main tourist destination of the island. A beautiful city in front of the Strait of Florida, which concentrates attractiveness of all type. Magnificent beaches in Playas del Este; hotels and restaurants for all preferences and pockets; marine and centers for the practice of water sports; architectural and historical values, primarily located in Old Havana; a rich cultural life of great variety, and night facilities that gives the city an extra attractiveness.

The climate in Cuba is warm and subtropical throughout the year. Most of the rain falls in the months May to October. Cuba is located in the hurricane danger zone; hurricanes can be expected from August through October. In the cooler months between December and April, there is comparatively little rainfall and these months are therefore the most popular travel season.

Jose Martí International Airport outside Havana is the main gateway and is served by major airlines from points in Canada, Mexico and Europe. There are also regional flights from other Caribbean Islands. To travel to Cuba you will need a visa. Tourist visas are easy to obtain and come as a part of your travel package when you buy you ticket. Please note that if departing from the UK at least (this may apply to other countries), you will require having the visa before boarding the plane. Without the tourist visa boarding may be denied and your airplane ticket lost.



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