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California Golf

California has some of the best golf courses in the USA, and with more than 1,000 courses to choose from, a golf vacation in California is not that difficult to arrange.
Given California's varied geographic climates, there is usually a location with prime conditions for playing golf no matter what time of the year you want to go to California on an golf holiday.
During winter months, you can head to the desert, where the peak golf season is November through April and where there are over 100 courses within an hours drive from Palm Springs. During other months, when the desert heat can be oppressive, the weather is quite likely perfect in northern California's mountain areas, the San Francisco Bay area and all along the Central Coast. Southern California's weather is considered perfect year-round for golf.

Perhaps one of the best ways to go on a golf vacation to California is to book a stay at one of the many golf vacation resorts. These resorts usually offer a variety of useful amenities, which can include the use of a full service lodge. The resorts often focus on different aspects. While some may focus on the total golf experience, others may have their focus on improving their guest's golf game.

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